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Hubs or Hubris?

Facebook has created three Bay Area work hubs that each total at least one million square feet, following big leases with two legendary developers that will widen its Silicon Valley footprint.
The tech titan could employ as many as 19,000 in the expansion sites, located in Fremont, Sunnyvale and Menlo Park.

Ed. Comment: This article suggests 6.3 workers per 1000 sq ft. If this density should persist all over the Peninsula, then what about traffic and housing costs? We are at a loss for words as tech titans expand and expand with no end in sight. If tech titans’ resources and power are unlimited, then do any other limits exist?
Which city council is thinking about housing and transportation for 3-5 new jobs created by each new tech worker? Ain’t life grand! Let ‘em eat cake?


A Story Worth Retelling

After Facebook moved into east Menlo Park in 2011, long-term residents started moving out, said Sandra Zamora, a resident who is facing displacement after her rent jumped by $800 a month.
Zamora’s home, along with three other small complexes in the Belle Haven neighborhood, were bought by Redwood Landing/Menlo Gate LLC, which is raising her rent from $1,100 to $1,900.
It’s a hard increase to swallow for the 29-year-old preschool teacher who works at a restaurant on the weekends and goes to school at San Francisco State.

Ed. Comment: We featured this story from the San Jose Mercury last week and it is worth repeating again and again. Which newspaper can put the Zamora story into context when San Mateo County is reported as having the lowest unemployment and the highest home costs?


Ballot Box Battle Blossoming

“The battle over public land is heating up in Los Altos, where City Council has moved ahead with a ballot measure to compete side-by-side with a citizens’ initiative on the November ballot.
Both would prevent the sale of city-owned land or re-designation of a park or open space without voter approval, but the city measure would only require a four-fifths council vote to lease city land. The citizens’ initiative would require a vote of residents to enter a lease.”


Ed. Comment:
 Los Altos, Palo Alto and San Mateo may have something in common; their city councils may decide to oppose their citizens’ initiatives. Los Altos Council put it into perspective when one councilperson suggested citizens should simply trust their elected council to do the right thing. Now we see dueling initiatives trending on the Peninsula.

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