What Housing, For Whom, At What Price?

What Housing, For Whom, At What Price?

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What Can California Cities Control?

State Legislature Now Judge & Jury

Almost 98% of California cities are not creating enough housing to keep pace with job growth. The laggard “naughty” city list is long. Here’s a partial list…. Millbrae, Redwood City, South San Francisco, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mt. View and Cupertino.   But not everybody is flunking state muster. Kudos to two “nice guys”! Foster City and Hillsborough are on track to meet state housing requirements!

Ed. Comment: Our crystal ball is cloudy. We conclude that over 98% of all voters are unaware of state regulations reaching over local zoning decisions. We will watch polar extremes….Agony in Brisbane and Ecstasy in Mt. View. Read on!


Agony in Brisbane: Dueling with Higher Powers

The Editor of San Francisco Business Journal minces no words. “Brisbane’s housing resistance is on a collision course with State of California.” What is the highest and best use of Brisbane’s vacant 600 acres? But the primary issue is that State of California probably has the power to take control of about one third of Brisbane’s 1900 acre land mass.

Ed. Comment: This insightful article may be subscription only, but there will much more news coming to you from this David Vs Goliath saga. Brisbane’s pie is getting smaller and table manners have deteriorated.


Ecstasy in Mountain View

Lacking the money for an ambitious list of transportation upgrades, Mountain View officials are hoping the city’s new generation of businesses can pay for it. Three separate tax measure options could go before voters as soon as next November.

Ed. Comment: We commend courage of Mt. View Mayor Seigel who suggests potential for taxes on marijuana, hotels and large businesses. We hope that he won’t forget Airbnb stays.


Truth Rises Above Hype

Burlingame officials are facing critical choices with downtown city property, an affordable housing project and new parking garage. There will be a drumroll at city council meeting when a decision is made to repurpose city property, avoid incremental costs of prevailing wages and contribute to financing the affordable housing project.

Ed. Comment: If elected officials were liable for their false political hype about affordable housing, then most city attorneys would be near suicidal. Nevertheless, as Buffalo Springfield sang…
There’s something happening here
Something is clearly happening in Burlingame.

We extend high praise to Councilman Brownrigg for crafting a path to true affordable housing for a deserving segment of citizens. We wish Brownrigg and his supporters success for credible affordable housing…a rare commodity. Will Burlingame stay on course and answer the “affordability” question avoided by most elected officials. Affordable housing can be defined by answering a simple question: What housing for whom at what price?


High Anxiety in Palo Alto

Rising costs create high anxiety over Palo Alto’s infrastructure plan. Council faces $56 million funding gap for its top nine construction projects. Massive construction projects in the region are driving up material costs and straining labor costs. Palo Alto is simply hitting the same construction speed bumps as all construction projects.

Ed. Comment: Does the Palo Alto Council have the emotional IQ to press its high IQ business elite for new taxes? Key to success will be deep pockets.

Editors Neilson Buchanan and John Guislin are unpaid, private citizens on the SF Peninsula and have no ties to developers or government organizations.

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