Transportation | June 21, 2017
SF Peninsula news is fast-moving and busy residents struggle to stay informed.  SFPNA collects news on housing, jobs and transportation and places it into useful context. The overriding objective is to promote residential quality of life. 
The newsletter is edited by two Palo Alto residents, Neilson Buchanan and John Guislin, who have no ties to developers or government organizations.  Regional citizen leaders guide article selection.
       This issue is focused on stories addressing multiple issues.
News that Impacts Your Quality of Life
Fusion in San Jose
Housing and jobs may align for everyone’s benefit, but will San Jose prevail with their noble intentions to take pressure off of Peninsula cities?  
 National News Hits Los Altos Hills
In Los Altos Hills WAZE traffic distribution faces new challenges and raises old and unanswered question of community values.
Atherton Fights Caltrain
New filings were made in a lawsuit by a coalition including Atherton challenging how High Speed Rail Authority can spends its bond money. Caltrain could lose $741 million for its electrification project.  
 Center of Earth May Shift
 San Jose confirmed rumors that Google is eyeing up to 6 million sqft in office and R&D space, making it the company’s largest campus. The property could potentially accommodate 15,000 to 20,000 employees. Google’s largest campus spans 3.1 million sqft at its Mt. View headquarters. “Silicon Valley’s center of gravity is shifting southward,” said San Jose official. 
 Is bike Sharing Going Rogue?
Private bike-share operators are rolling out in cities across the US with no discussion or coordination with local governments. VC funding enables low initial pricing but problems and costs can rise rapidly.
Surf Less  –  Sleep More
Residents took their complaints to Surf Air passengers saying the problem is only getting worse.More than 50 protesters carried signs next to the tarmac at the San Carlos Airport.
Congestion Seeks its Sad Destiny
Higher employment levels continue. 
Ed. Note: Piecemeal transportation agencies and solutions cannot keep pace.  Projecting transportation misery now is slam dunk unless city stewards become willfully blind.


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