During the upcoming year this newsletter will highlight efforts to improve traffic flow and safety. We will also shine a spotlight on projects that continue to degrade our quality of life. 
o  How long is the commute to work? 
o  How long are peak commute hours? 
o  Which cities manage spillover traffic onto residential streets?  
o  Which cities actually measure and manage traffic inside their borders?
We will also focus on the rationale behind the region’s multi-billion dollar mega-transportation projects.
o  Are the timelines and funding sources realistic? 
o  How much political pork is buried inside the mega-projects’ billions of dollars?
o  Is political pork making traffic worse instead of better?
o  Where is the good news about traffic mitigation?
Mayors in Peninsula communities will soon be making their “Annual State of the City” speeches. Let’s see if Mayors focus on rhetoric or solutions. Residents must ask the difficult questions, hold officials accountable, and remain focused on the key issues impacting our quality of life. City Councils, not Mayors, must ask their planning departments for predictive traffic analysis or face the political consequences for their failed stewardship. 
We invite Peninsula newspapers and their readers to challenge their City Councils to deliver solutions that are FUNDED and MEASUREABLE. Moaning about the scope and size of vehicular congestion is counterproductive; residents must demand well-thought-out actions.