Category: Taxes

Spring is Coming Soon

Spring does not start until March 20. But housing markets are being planned with new fertilizer. The fertilizer is a wave of housing legislation intended to simulate housing markets. Can state and regional government overcome market forces and […]

Taxation and Transportation

  Dear Readers, This newsletter addresses the Peninsula’s structural tension between taxes and transportation. These two topics are inseparable like “Horse and Buggy” or “Gasoline and Engine.” However, in reality they are seldom aligned. Government […]

Traffic… Like Death and Taxes?

  Dear Readers, One of our readers suggested traffic is worse than income taxes. Therefore, this issue returns to the agony of traffic as everyone recovers from agony of income taxes. We wish there was […]


  Dear Readers, Our last issue featured the Brisbane and Santa Clara paradoxes. This week we move you to South San Francisco and Cupertino. Once again our theme is Anti-Gravity Economics known as J2H ratios. […]


Why are we featuring taxes?  All taxes are not the same. School and city taxes address local needs in a focused, accountable manner. Management of bond proceeds is generally commendable. Regional bonds and sales taxes, on the […]


 September 20, 2017 SF Peninsula news is fast-moving and busy residents struggle to stay informed. SFPNA collects news on housing, jobs and transportation and places it into useful context. The overriding objective is to promote residential […]